Preventions and Cures for Fissure

An anal fissure is a small cut in the skin that lines the anus. Mostly, you get fissure as a result of constipation that usually causes pain and bleeding with bowel movements. There is a range of other traditional methods to treat the fissures. Generally, anal fissures heal themselves within a few weeks when constipation is treated and stools become soft.

To treat constipation and to keep stools soft, you must take care of the following things:

  • Diet

Add a huge amount of fibers in your diet. It helps to soften stools and regularize bowel movements. Generally, people need about 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day. You can have whole grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables, as they are all good sources of dietary fiber.

  • Drink Plenty of fluids

You should drink plenty of fluids and hydrate yourself to get a healthy digestive system and hence, to avoid constipation and any possibility of fissures.

  • Exercise regularly

Regular exercise boosts blood circulation throughout your body, which may support in curing the fissure. Exercise is also helpful in getting normal bowel movements and avoiding constipation.

  • Avoid straining when passing stools

Try not to strain during bowel movements as it creates additional pressure that can reopen a fissure that’s begun to heal or can create a new cut.

  • Medicines

There are numerous useful medications for the treatment of piles and anal fissure. Some medicated creams like lidocaine may help relieve discomfort as the fissure heals. In addition, some muscle relaxants like nitroglycerin ointment may widen blood vessels and increase blood circulation to the fissure and support healing.

Take Away

Apart from these medications, your doctor may recommend a small dose of on botulinum toxin  (Botox) injection into the anal sphincter, to paralyze the muscle for several months and allow the fissures to heal.

Consult your doctor to get information about the treatment for your anal fissure through laser and prevent constipation. Generally, a fissure can be cured permanently without traditional surgery or using a laser technique.

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