Once the gynecomastia surgery- including a liposuction and gland excision surgery– is complete, the patient is being put on a recovery timeline. The patient is able to recover completely from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the patient’s health capabilities, the extent of tissue removed and the type of technique used. 

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As soon as the patient is conscious, he has to wear a compression garment for 24×7.  A compression garment is a compressive form of clothing worn to keep the chest tight. These are made of elastic fibers and specially designed to enhance recovery. Here’s how a day to day to recovery looks like after the gynecomastia surgery. 

On the first day of the recovery, the patient is likely to still be groggy and drowsy most of the time.  This is simply due to anesthesia given before the surgery. To add here, the drowsiness can be there for 2 days. Also, due to the compression garment, there is not much discomfort. 


The pain and discomfort kick off once the effect of anesthesia wears off. The individual needs to visit the doctor for a dressing change. Doctors recommend eating a diet that is rich in protein, vitamin C and zinc. 

  • Day 2- Resume work 

Once the anesthesia effect wears off, there can be pain, tightness or tenderness around the wounds. When the pain strikes, take the pain medicines such as Tylenol as prescribed by the doctor. In some cases, there can be some numbness around the wounds. There can be a feeling of nausea and vomiting. Also, there can be swelling in the chest area. 


On the second day itself, the individual can resume work such as go back to work, etc. He needs to just wear the compression garment 24 hours the day. While sleeping, try to sleep on the back in an elevated position at a 45-degree position. Moreover, go for a light walk to increase blood circulation throughout the body. Listen to the doctor on how to take a bath. 

  • After 1 week

Within 7 days of the surgery, there should neither be any pain nor any swelling. If the patient is feeling any of these, they need to contact the doctor immediately. After proper consultation with the doctor, the patient can resume cardio exercises that don’t involve the pectoralis muscles. Start with light cardio then gradually, shift high-intensity ones. 


Even if the patient feels like sleeping on their side, it is still not recommended. Make sure that the compression garment is worn. In addition to this, ensure that the blood pressure remains normal. 

  • After 2 weeks 

After a fortnight of the surgery, the patient feels normal. Apart from strenuous activities that require excessive exertion, normal daily activities are allowed. If the patient now wants can sleep sideways also.  

  • After 3 weeks

By the 21st day, the surgeon clears off the patient to start with their normal exercises. There is no longer any need to wear the compression garment. Furthermore, they can even take normal baths. However, remember that exercises that tighten up the chest should still be avoided. 

  • After 6 weeks

The six weeks marks the end of the recovery process. By the end of 6 weeks, the patient will be able to see the desired results. The individual is allowed to perform all kinds of exercises including chest-tightening exercises. This implies that the person can start with the exercises to enhance the body contour. Furthermore, he is allowed to sleep in any position. However, it is important to take it easy when there is any pain or discomfort while performing the exercises or any strenuous activities for that matter. 

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Precautions To Take After Gynecomastia Surgery  For Fast Recovery

Once the patient is discharged, Pristyn Care doctors make it certain that the patient recovers fast and develops no infection. Hence, they guide patients on a proper diet plan to follow along with a set of instructions to follow. 


  • Go for the follow-up appointment without fail.
  • Take necessary precautions after the surgery as recommended by the doctor.
  • It is imperative that the patients wear the compression garment throughout the day to ensure that wound heals faster and the results are promising.
  • Control the urge to itch around the wound. 
  • Neither drink alcohol nor smoke throughout the recovery period.
  • In order to reduce pain and swelling, apply cold compresses to the chest.
  • Wear only loose clothing made up of comfortable fabric. Wearing clothes that don’t require you to raise arms are recommended. 
  • After proper consultation with the doctor, take supplements with vitamins and minerals.
  • Get enough sleep. This is so because this allows the body to heal more quickly.
  • Hydration is an important part of recovery. Hence, drink lots of water on a daily basis.
  • Consume a light yet healthy diet

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Dr. Ashwani Kumar who is a plastic surgeon from Pristyn Care explains the use of most advanced surgical methods to treat gynecomastia. Furthermore, he adds on the recovery process once the treatment is complete.

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