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Medical Termination of Pregnancy is the ending or termination of pregnancy. Many people are unaware of the fact that abortion is legal in India but under certain circumstances. Under the Abortion Act of 1971, a female can get a safe and legal abortion until 20 weeks of her pregnancy.

India is among the first few countries to lawfully legalize abortions for adult females. In exceptional cases, where the fetus has medical complications or major threats the abortion is possible legally. For that, the female has to take special orders from the court for the termination of pregnancy.

An adult female needs no parental or spouse’s consent to get an abortion. The rights and personhood of a female have been kept in mind while making it legal for an adult female to get an abortion without any other person’s permission.

It is very important for a female to understand the importance of getting an abortion from a licensed service provider. As per a general estimation, approximately 15.6 million abortions happen each year in India, the majority of which are conducted under unsafe guidelines, resulting in the death of 10 women every day and thousands facing serious complications.

Medical Termination of Pregnancy

Medical termination of pregnancy is the legal procedure carried by a licensed doctor in a licensed clinic or hospital for termination of pregnancy with the consent of the pregnant adult female.

A pregnant female can get a medical abortion legally up to 20 weeks of gestation period. This procedure does not involve surgical methods or procedures until 7 weeks of pregnancy. It is done by different procedures mentioned below.

  • First Trimester- If the female is up to seven weeks pregnant, she can be given a medicine by the gynecologist for the abortion. After taking the pill, the female will bleed for about two to three days. There may be cramping or abdominal pain along with it. This procedure generally terminates the pregnancy.
    The female is suggested to visit the gynecologist after a 10 day for follow-up and undergo an ultrasound to re-check pregnancy status. Based on the results, the doctor can advise the next steps. If termination is not successful, the patient would need to undergo surgical means to terminate.
    In case there are complications like heavy bleeding even after a week, it is suggested to contact the gynecologist as soon as possible. The female can also be given the option of surgical means to terminate the pregnancy. More details about the surgical method are given below.
  • If the fetus is 7 to 12 weeks, a surgical method is advised for the abortion. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. The patient would need to stay in the hospital for two to three hours after the surgery. The gynecologist gives a follow-up date for the female.
    The female should visit the gynecologist for follow-ups on the given dates without delay. If there are any complications before the follow-up, contact your gynecologist immediately.
  • Second Trimester- if the female is 12 to 20 weeks pregnant, the gynecologist has to perform surgical termination which is like a mini delivery. Make sure to visit a licensed and trusted gynecologist for a safe abortion.In this abortion procedure, the female is first admitted to the hospital. This abortion is performed under the supervision of two practitioners. The female may have to stay in the hospital for two to three days, depending on the treatment.

Risks of Unsafe Abortions

Many females face complications and there is death as well due to unsafe abortions. Our trusted gynecologists are experienced in this field and are licensed to perform MTP procedures.

Females can get an abortion until 20 weeks of pregnancy from Pristyn Care (Medical management, D&C, D&E).

Unsafe abortion can have many complications and side effects with life-threatening risks as well. Unsafe abortion can lead to serious complications such as infection, heavy and continuous bleeding, abnormal period, fever, discomfort or pain in the digestive system, etc. A female may even lose her life if she undergoes an unsafe abortion.

Make sure you check the license of the clinic and the gynecologist and choose an expert and reputed service provider for the medical termination of pregnancy.

How does the female feel after Termination of Pregnancy?

  • A gynecologist provides the post-termination of pregnancy precautions and cares in a written prescription to the female. She can resume her normal life and schedule even the next day after the termination.
    The gynecologist generally suggests taking rest for two to four days after the surgery. But if one feels fine, can continue with routine day-to-day activities.
  • There are no restrictions on food post the surgery. The female should avoid weightlifting or any hard work or tough physical activity and keep the body comfortable
  • In some cases, there may be vaginal bleeding, just like normal periods. The female may need to use pads, tampons or menstrual cups in such cases. There is no effect on sexual life after abortion.

Termination of Pregnancy is a tough decision to make. Every individual experience is different emotionally post the procedure. It depends on the health, relationship with the father, family situation, etc. It is important to provide emotional support and care to a female who has recently undergone a termination.

Some females feel guilt or regret of undergoing a termination. This may affect their mental and emotional state and health. The gynecologists at Pristyn Care ensure complete emotional support and assistance and guide the females for the best possible recovery. Proper counseling is given to make sure the female remains both physically and mentally fit.



Safe Pregnancy termination is essential for the health of the female. Unsafe terminations can cause complications and even lead to life-threatening circumstances. Complications in the procedure aren’t the only risk in the case. The emotional state of the female is equally important and needs attention.

Our gynecologists at Pristyn Care offer the best possible assistance for the female to cope emotionally and physically and help them deal with their situation. If the mental and emotional state of the female is avoided, there can be serious long term emotional consequences such as depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc. Our gynecologists are always there for moral support and assist by all possible means.

You’re not alone, we are here to talk and help.

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