Scope of “Laser Treatments” in Gynecology

“A female’s intimate health is incredibly essential and has a high impact on the physical, mental, emotional health and sexual life. “

Overage, time, hectic lifestyle, events such as pregnancy or childbirth or complications regarding the intimate areas, etc can affect the daily life, comfort and internal as well as the external structure and health of a female’s vaginal area. This leads to changes both in appearance, health, functioning and reaction to the stimulus. Problems such as urinary leakage, loose vagina, reduced sensitivity of the vagina, dark, discolored or pigmented skin around the vaginal and anal area, stretch marks around the thighs and intimate areas post-childbirth, etc have been troubling women of various ages since forever. Childbirth or labor stretches the vaginal muscles and skin to a large extent leaving the pelvic organs weak. Cosmetic gynecology is a solution to these symptoms and strengthens and tightens the muscles of the vagina, making it tight and youthful. There are no significant health hazards because of such conditions, but they do readily have an effect on the comfort, self-confidence and daily life of the female. 

Need for Laser Treatments

A female’s vagina remains enclosed in tight clothing all through the day, each day and lacks exposure to air and ventilation. This single factor alone can lead to troubles like dark skin around the intimate areas, even the anal area, itchy, dry and sensitive skin, etc. The majority of the women, even after being aware of this situation, continue to live and compromise as they are unaware of a solution to it. The result of cosmetic gynecology can enhance the sensitivity of the vagina resulting in better sexual experience. It also restores the genital and intimate area, making it appear more youthful and firm.  

A female has the right to feel confident and beautiful. Cosmetic gynecology not only aims at beautifying the inmate areas but also provides a solution to conditions such a loose or saggy skin and muscles in and around the vagina and labia, which in many cases is a serious trouble to the females.

Cosmetic Laser Gynecology Services at Pristyn Care 

Advanced CO2 Laser is used for the non-surgical cosmetic gynecology procedures. The laser energy is used on the affected area at a low scale. In most treatments mentioned below, the whole procedure is divided into four to five sessions, each at an interval of 22-25 days. The CO2 laser is medically approved and tested and is completely safe and poses no threat to the skin, health, wellness and reproductive organs of the female. CO2 Laser is used for procedures mentioned below: 

  • Vaginal RejuvenationThe co2 laser is used to beautify the vaginal area. The co2 laser makes the vaginal area more flexible, evens the skin tone, brightens the vaginal area and improves the texture of the vaginal area. 
  • Vaginal Tightening- The female can regain the elasticity and firmness of her vagina with the co2 vaginal tightening procedure. The CO2 laser targets the muscles and tissues in the inner walls of the vagina, making it stiff and hence the vagina becomes tight.
  • Vaginal Bleach- Due to a lack of ventilation and being enclosed in tight clothes all day, the vaginal skin is badly affected. The skin becomes dark with uneven pigmentation and texture. The CO2 laser leaves laser patches to give a bright and even tone to the vaginal area. The effect of the treatment lasts up to four to five years. Make sure to maintain proper hygiene after the treatment for the best results.
  • Post-pregnancy Scar and Stretch Mark Removal- The skin around the abdomen, hips, and thighs of the female is generally full of stretch marks after pregnancy. With the use of the CO2 laser, the female can have a beautiful and bright skin, with no stretch marks. Approximately 4-5 sessions are required to get rid of all stretch marks around the area. 
  • Anal Bleach- Just like the vaginal area, the skin around the anus and hips becomes dark and uneven with age and time. It can also be damaged due to being exposed to the sun. It can be treated and given a bright and even skin tone with the CO2 laser treatment.  
  • Acne Scar Removal- Acne scars are hard to get rid of. It is a miracle that a skin cream or any other product helps one to get rid of them or even lighten the scars. But the CO2 laser has made it easy. CO2 laser helps to get rid of acne scars permanently!
  • Skin Lightening- The uneven, dark skin tone can now be transformed into a lighter, brighter, even-toned skin tone with the CO2 laser.


Pristyn Care observes the sensitivity of such cases and respects the privacy of all patients. All the information regarding the treatment, procedure, and health of the female remains confidential. All conversations and procedures inside our clinic remain private. Our compassionate and understanding environment provides comfort and eases to the patient to openly communicate and discuss with the gynecologist about their intimate concerns and troubles. 


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