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The rate of deaths due to untreated hernia has drastically reduced over the past decade. The main credit goes to various advancements including introducing laparoscopic treatment made in the medical sphere which has helped doctors save so many lives.


Below you can find some basic points related to laparoscopic hernia surgery including how successful it has emerged as a treatment option.

How a laparoscopic hernia surgery is performed?


Every year 20 million patients suffering from hernia undergo surgery. Out of these 20 million, a large percentage of people suffering hernia symptoms prefer to undergo laparoscopy treatment.


Before the surgery, the doctor explains every precaution one must take before the surgery to lower the complications as much as possible. Some of the precautions include not taking particular medicines and restrictions on diet.


On the day of the surgery, you must not eat or drink anything a couple of hours before the surgery. After proper diagnostic reports, the doctor first injects anesthesia to sedate the patient. After this, the surgery is performed. 


In this type of laparoscopic hernia repair, the surgeon inflates the abdomen with CO2 gas in order to see clearly inside the abdomen. After making several small incisions, the doctor inserts a long, flexible tube with a camera on top, also known as the laparoscope.


With the help of the camera mounted on top of the laparoscope, the doctor performs the surgery and places a mesh on the gap to support the weakened area of the abdominal wall. The surgery finishes with the closing of the incisions with adhesive glue, sutures or staples.


How successful is a laparoscopic hernia repair?


The high success rate of laparoscopic repair has made it one of the most preferred options for curing a hernia


According to a study published in The Lancet, people who have undergone laparoscopic hernia treatment developed fewer complications than open surgery. 


In the study, researchers divided patients into two groups- patients who underwent laparoscopic treatment and those who were cured with open hernia repair.


One of the major findings of the study was that 108 patients who underwent hernia treatment with the laparoscopic method, suffered only one complication. On the other hand, 155 patients who underwent an open method for treating hernia, suffered more. 


Another finding that you need to take note of here is that when the same patients were again surveyed, the laparoscopic group had lower persistent abdominal pain than those who had an open repair.


Furthermore, patients of the laparoscopic group returned to their normal way of being than patients who had an open hernia repair.


In another study published in JAMA Network, there was less blood loss and fewer frequencies of wound drain during the laparoscopic hernia repair. But the same study also mentioned that the complications of hernia in the abdomen tend to occur more after laparoscopic treatment. 


So which is a better approach- open or laparoscopy?


The answer to the question depends on mainly two factors- location of the hernia and cost-effectiveness of the treatment.


With the aforementioned findings of the study, it will be a wiser choice if a patient undergoes the laparoscopic method. However, this might be way beyond a patient’s budget. But, that is not an issue at Pristyn Care. We accept all types of insurances for hernia treatment.

What are the advantages of laparoscopic hernia treatment?


In order to perform laparoscopic treatment, doctors need to be highly skilled and extensively trained in using a laparoscope. Apart from being treated by only medical experts, some other benefits are-


  • Lower risk of infections
  • Small incisions are made as compared to one large incision 
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster return to daily activities
  • Lower postoperative pain
  • Almost no visible scarring
  • Logically speaking, more cost-effective (shorter hospital stay and fewer infections mean fewer pain-killers and ultimately savings on money)

Combining the success rate of laparoscopic surgery and several advantages it offers, it can be said that the laparoscopic hernia repair is the best treatment option available in India. If you are looking for opting one, schedule an appointment with us today by calling the above number!

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