Yes, it is absolutely normal to have a wet vagina, in fact having a dry vagina may be a matter of tension. Even excessive wet vagina is not a signifier of personal health. Amount of wetness may depend on the following factors which may cause smelly vaginal leakage:-

  • Bacterial Vaginosis: This is also termed as Mild vaginal infection and raised when Good and bad bacterias in the vagina are upset. STD is not the factor of this, although the risk may increase if having sex with multiple partners. one may not find the symptoms of this.
    Although one of the most common symptoms is smelly discharge which may be in greyish, whitish and yellowish color. The smell of the discharge may get worse after having sex. Once you find such symptoms, better to visit the lady doctor or nearest gynecologist. It can be treated with having some antibiotics.
  • Desquamative Vaginitis: This occurs when the vaginal cells ratio is very high and linking of the vagina become inflamed. STD is not the reason, it raised due to an autoimmune disorder, infection or inflammatory problems which can be triggered through low estrogen levels.
    Some of the most common symptoms are heavy whitish, yellowish or greenish discharge with no or less odor, painful intercourse, vulvar irritation or itching, reddish & inflamed vaginal opening. This problem can be solved with the help of steroid cream and antibiotics.
  • Pelvic congestion syndrome: The condition is raised when the blood flow in this area is very high, resulting in the wetness. It is taken as the sensation of fullness in the pelvis and manifests in varicose veins developing around the ovaries.
    Usually, the physician is not familiar with this condition and may misdiagnose this problem. The common symptoms are having pelvic pain while having sex, during the period and doing vigorous activities.

These problems can be common yet treatable. ignoring this may cause the severe gynae problem so better to take timely consultation.

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