The G spot is the area of the anterior of the vagina, approximately 2 inches in. The tissue may be slightly thicker here and is more sensitive to the touch.

Women who are able to attain vaginal orgasms or “deep orgasms” have somewhat different or fuller tissue in G spot than in women who only attain clitoral orgasms. Women with vaginal orgasms had a thicker layer of tissue revealed on ultrasound in the area often referred to as the G spot which may be responsible for their ability to achieve a deeper orgasm.

This thick layer of tissue between the front wall of the vagina and the urethra may account for the better sensitivity and ability of these women to attain a deeper or vaginal orgasm. When stimulated, this tissue thickens more, and the nerve endings give a heightened sense of arousal, which gives a deep orgasm. The concept of the G spot enhancement or G shot is to thicken the area up with frequently used filler so that increased arousal can take place. For women who cannot achieve a deep orgasm, this procedure thickens up the tissue in G spot and raises the chances of deep, vaginal orgasm.

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The G-spot enhancement procedure is a quick and painless in-office treatment under local anesthetic, that will be applied to the G-spot area. A commonly used filler is used. Fillers are frequently used to plump up other areas of the body, such as the lips, or wrinkles on the face. The ideal filler would be safe, free of allergic possibility, soft, simple to inject and long-lasting. The adjoining thing to the ideal filler is a group of products called hyaluronan. They are also known as Hyaluronic acids, which includes Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and Perlane®. The filler will make the area to enlarge, thus, escalating sensitivity and allowing the women to achieve a vaginal or deep orgasm.


G-shot is a painless outpatient procedure. Patients can resume normal activities and engage in sexual relations immediately.

Generally, women will experience heightened arousal and sensitivity during sexual stimulation instantly. The result lasts for several months.


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