How can Ayurveda Help Cure Fissure ?

Ayurvedic treatments- olive oil, aloe vera gel or hot sitz bath can help get relief from fissure without surgery. But such treatments can only help in the initial stages of the disease when the tear is acute. In the later stages, the doctors recommend surgical treatment to cure anal fissure. If the disease is in the acute stage, Ayurvedic treatment of Kshar Karma can help cure fissure. 

What is Anal Fissure?

A small tear or cut in the thin and tender skin of the anus, mostly the anal opening is called anal fissure. The tear in the skin causes a lot of pain or discomfort to the patient. At times, the condition can be extremely painful for the patient. Fissure is very common among small children and infants. In pregnant females, trauma while delivery can also cause fissure. Presence of ulcer in the anal canal or the case of Sexually Transmitted Diseases can also lead to anal fissure.

Due to anal fissure, the skin around the anal opening may get itchy, irritated, red, swollen or torn. Many patients avoid eating as they do not want to endure the pain that occurs while passing stool. Generally, the pain is over after one or two hours after the bowel movement. But in worse cases, the pain may last for several hours.

How can Ayurveda cure fissure ?

In the ayurvedic therapy for fissure, some tested medicines are applied on the fissure in order to promote healing. The therapy treats, heals and soothes the fissure. The treatment is repeated at a certain set of interval and is repeated three to four times. This treatment effectively cures the disease in the initial stages. In chronic stages, therapies of Kshar Sutra ligation followed by Kshar Karma is used to remove the fissure. But this treatment is very painful and has a high recurrence rate.

Jatyadi Oil: It heals the cracks in the anal region. It is a great wound healer and antiseptic. It helps in reducing itching, burning and irritation. 

Yashtimadhu Churna: Vata and pitta dosha aggravate anal fissure. It helps to heal and pacify them.

Gandhak Rasayana: It helps in preventing infection and heal fissure.

Triphala Guggulu: It prevents constipation and soften the stool which is the prime reason for anal fissure. It is analgesic too. But if the patient has mild contipation, he may consider gulkand or triphala churna. 

Safe and Most effective method- Laser Surgery for Anal Fissure

With the laser treatment, the patient can get instant and permanent cure for anal fissure. Unlike ayurvedic treatment, home remedies or other over the counter methods, you will get relief instantly and would never be bothered by fissure again. There is no recurrence chance in case of laser treatment. Also, there are no cuts or stitches in this treatment method. There will be no scars or surgery marks post the surgery. All the follow up appointments with the doctors at Pristyn Care after the surgery are free of  charges.

Thelaser treatment for fissure is a 30 minute pain free surgery. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital or go through a long and painful recovery procedure after this surgery. After the surgery, patient can go home the same day on his own feet. There would be no pain even after the surgery and no risk of infection after the surgery. There are no major diet precautions post the surgery. The doctor at Pristyn Care also gives a diet chart and exercise routine for the recovery period.

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