Fistula Treatment in Patanjali

Patanjali is an Indian Origin company that manufactures and sells various products. The company claims to produce ayurvedic, natural products, completely devoid of any artificial agents or chemicals.

The company also sells its own medicines and provides treatments and also claims to provide good results via its ayurvedic treatments and medication.

Divya Arshkalp Vati – Patanjali Medicine To Treat Fistula

A medicine by Patanjali, Divya Arshkalp Vati treats three anal diseases – Piles, Anal Fissure, Anal Fistula.

The medicine is prepared using herbal extracts that heal inflammation and help get relief freedom the pain and discomfort during the disease. It contains various agents that help reduce the pain while the bowel movements.

The medicine helps to improve the digestion of food, constipation, reduces the formation of gas and gives some relief from the pain.

Symptoms of Anal Fistula

  • Irritated skin in the anus and towards the anal opening, leading to pain and discomfort during bowel movements.
  • Constant pain while sitting or in general too.
  • Foul-smelling discharge around the anal opening.
  • Discharge of smelly puss along with the stool.
  • Redness, swelling and irritated skin around the anal opening. A patient with a severe case of the fistula may also experience a high fever.
  • Constipation and irregular bowel movements.

Patanjali medicine by Baba Ramdev offers relief to the patients and with the tag of its “Ayurveda”, attracts many patients. It acts as an eliminator of toxic substances from the body. It helps in cleaning the digestive tract to make it function properly. 

DosageThe dosage should be 1 or 2 tablets, twice a day, empty stomach in the morning and evening. Avoid spicy and fried food for the medicines to be effective. The dose of this medicine depends on the severity of fistula.

These medicines may provide temporary relief from pain and discomfort. The patient gets relief when he uses the medicine but the medicine, in no way, helps the patient to get rid of the disease.

Anal Fistula is a serious disease that needs treatment to the soonest. If it does not get treatment in time, the problem can get worse and lead to a lot of discomfort, complications and health hazards to the patient.

No disease can be better treated than by surgical procedures. A patient with an anal fistula must seek medical help immediately.

Fistula Treatment in Ayurveda – Herbal Remedies

Ayurveda Treatment for anal fistula, also known as Bhagandar (भगन्दर) in Hindi, suggests more natural food and supplements. There are some natural herbal remedies for Anal Fistula that people consume as their belief in Ayurveda.

These have been the treatment for problems like constipation, regular bowel movements, proper blood circulation in the anal region and other problems related to the digestive system for ages.  

Here are the most common Indian medicines or Ayurvedic medicines for fistula: 

  • Triphala Guggul

This helps regulate bowel movements and improves blood circulation in the rectal area. it is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

  • Vara Churna

It is a mixture of Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amalaki; this combination of herbs is known for colon cleansing. 

  • Nirgundi Oil

It is extracted from a plant called Vitex Nigundo. It is a good antiseptic, analgesic and muscle relaxant. The oil reduces swelling and congestion.

These are some natural ingredients that reduce infection and build a strong immunity system to fight such problems.

Fistula tretament in Patanjali may not provide immediate relief. It takes time where sometimes the chance of infection increases. Therefore, consult a doctor and let him decide the right treatment for fistula.

What actually is Anal Fistula?

Anal Fistula can be identified as a small tunnel-shaped tube that is developed around the anal opening, the point where the stool leaves the body.

This is often accompanied by infection prevailing near the anal opening that further leads to accumulation of puss in the surrounding tissues. Fistula leaves the patient in discomfort and irritated skin. Immediate surgery is recommended to patients with anal fistula.

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A patient story from Pristyn Care-

A 35-year old man contacted Pristyn Care seeking help about pain near the anal region along with the discharge of pus.

During the physical examination, the doctor asked him about any medication that he has been taking. To which, he replied that he has been consuming Patanjali Divya Arshkalp Vati medicines for a while. He clarified that he got some relief when he started taking these medicines.

However, he added that there has been no improvement in his condition since he started taking these medicines.

On hearing this, the doctor suggested to him the most advanced laser treatment for curing fistula permanently. The doctor explained that the laser treatment involves no cuts or incisions which ensure minimum pain or bleeding.

Some of the other benefits of laser treatment are-

  • No cuts & No stitches
  • 30 Min Procedure
  • 1 Day Discharge
  • Join work in 48 Hours
  • Less post-surgery complications
  • No recurrence
  • Confidential Consultation
  • Single deluxe room
  • Care Buddy to take care
  • Laser specialists
  • Free follow-ups post-surgery

Patient review about fistula laser surgery at Pristyn CareLaser Treatment vs. Patanjali Medicines

Patanjali MedicinesLaser Treatment
Slow processQuick process
May not work for few fistula patientsCan treat fistula for all
Take some time to show effective resultsCan get back to normal life within 24 hours of surgery
Spend money each time you buy these medicinesOne-time spending

Permanent cure for Anal Fistula- Laser Surgery

Patanjali offers medicines that give some relief from the pain and inconvenience in the case of anal fistula. But, Patanjali fails to offer a permanent solution or cure to Anal Fistula.

Laser treatment of fistula is a simple and pain-free treatment that gives instant and permanent relief from fistula. Earlier, open surgery was the only cure for fistula. Open surgery was a complicated and painful treatment. The new technique of Laser surgery is a pain-free treatment and delivers satisfactory results.

Moreover, the patient does not have any diet restrictions and can follow up with their normal routine cycle after a rest for 10-12 hours after the surgery. Get permanent relief from anal fistula by getting a pain free laser surgery!

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What are the causes of anal fistula?
Fistulas in the anal region largely develop due to anal abscesses. Other conditions such as Crohn's disease can also increase the risk of developing an anal fistula.
Is homeopathy a right option for treating anal fistula?
No. Homeopathic medicines have not proven to be very effective for people suffering from anal fistulas. This only helps to get temporary relief from the symptoms temporarily.
What are the side effects of using Patanjali medicines?
Side effects develop when there is the overconsumption of drugs or missing a dosage. Some of the adverse effects that people have reported after consuming Patanjali medicines are- vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain.

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