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Surgical Gynaecology is the medical practice that uses traditional methods to perform procedures relating to the female reproductive systems.

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Surgical Gynaecology


A hymen is a thin pinkish membrane at the entrance of the vagina.Hymenoplasty is re-building the walls of the hymen.


Labiaplasty reduces the size of the female labia including inner and outer vaginal lips. The surgery enables the patient to repair damage caused by childbirth.


Hysteroscopy is the process examining the health of a women’s reproductive organs through a small device with a tiny camera called a hysteroscope.

Clitoral Hoodoplasty

The clitoris is covered by a tissue that helps to protect from desensitization and pain. Clitoral Hoodoplasty reduces the size and length of this tissue.


It is a surgical procedure ,where the female pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina is tightened leading to greater sexual satisfaction


Hysterectomy is the process of removing the uterus(womb).It might also involve the removal of the cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Best Clinic for Surgical Gynaecology in Delhi

Delhi is seeing a great advancement of females in the professional field. In such a busy schedule, women get no time for their own personal or intimate health. Pristyn has various gynecologist clinics for women all over Delhi. Women often pay the least attention to the uncomfortable itching, irritation or pain in and around the vaginal area and most of the times fail to realize they need to see a gynecologist for such abnormalities that need professional acknowledgment. Such medical symptoms if avoided, can further harm the condition and get more complicated for the body, leading to dangerous signs or disorders. Pristyn Care has the most advanced technology and offers the best services available in town. We prioritize to provide the best services to the patient and provide satisfaction to all females regarding their personal health.

Most Advanced Surgical Gynecologist in Gurgaon

The signs and symptoms such as vaginal irritation, dryness, itching or any other discomfort in and around the intimate areas can be a sign of vaginal diseases or disorders. Intimate hygiene and health should never be avoided by women. If you are experiencing unusual vaginal or anal pain or discomfort, there are chances that you may have some vaginal disorder or condition. In such cases, you should immediately consult a gynecologist. Postponing your gynecologist appointment will cause you a lot more discomfort and also further complicate the disease. Get yourself an appointment with the best gynecologists at Pristyn Care. Women can now get relief from complicated intimate disorders and diseases with the help of latest technology at Pristyn Care in Gurgaon. We promise the patients satisfactory solutions to all their problems.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions by Fissure patients

How can I get an appointment to see the doctor?

You can call the number to get an appointment with the gynecologist at Pristyn Care. Our team will get you an appointment with the doctor at our clinic nearest to you.


Are surgical gynecology procedures safe?

Yes, all of our surgical procedures are completely safe. Special attention is paid to ensure the health and safety of our patients. So, relax and get yourself an appointment with the best gynecologists in town if you feel the need.


What does a surgical gynecologist do?

Surgical gynecologists perform surgeries of the female reproductive system such as Vaginoplasty, Hysterectomy, Labiaplasty, etc.

Are surgical procedures painful and complicated?

The doctor will give local anesthesia to the patient before the surgery so that she feels no pain. All measures are taken to ensure that the surgeries are completed successfully without any complications.